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The most popular stroke meter in rowing, the SpeedCoach GPS 2 offers athletes critical information on boat speed (split), stroke rate, distance and time. Use it in GPS mode or connect it to the speedometer propeller (propeller and wires sold separately) for more accuracy when training on running water. Add the optional Training Pack to pre-program your workout, start and record your next interval without letting go of the paddle, and wirelessly upload data to a computer or mobile device. The SpeedCoach GPS Training pack supports the EmPower Oarlock with software and is the centerpiece of NK’s connected rowing environment.

The SpeedCoach can be easily and conveniently moved to different places depending on the number of ships or occupants thanks to the flexible docking station. A perfect accessory for coxswains with a mini hands-free Cox-box.

– Number of hits, number of hits, elapsed time display, speed, distance, distance/hit, empower connection,
– Bluetooth heart rate monitor connection
– Watchable training sessions
– Cable-free, no need to worry about installation
– LED background lighting, automatic
– Rubber Case
– Case
– Mobile dock

Comparison table: 

Function  StrokeCoach Surge Rate  SpeedCoach GPS2  SpeedCoach GPS2
Training Pack 
Hit number measurement  x  x  x 
Number of hits  x  x  x 
Timing  x  x  x 
Auto launch after 1st hit  x  x  x 
Memory function: last workout can be reviewed  x  x  x 
Memory: several workouts can be reviewed  x  x  x 
High contrast display  x  x  x 
Automatic backlight  x  x  x 
Holding string  x  x  x 
Rubber Case  x  x  x 
Carrying bag  x  x  x 
2 year warranty  x  x  x 
Speed ​​measurement without propeller    x  x 
Speedometer propeller compatibility    x  x 
Measuring distance traveled    x  x 
Date / time display    x  x 
Battery operation    x  x 
Free software updates    x  x 
Option to install Trainingpack afterwards (fee required)    x   
Compatibility with Empower Oarlock      x 
Compatibility with Bluetooth heart rate belt      x 
Programmable workouts (intervals)      x 
Data can be downloaded via Bluetooth      x