Oar Board® SUP Rower (Sadece Mekanizma)


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The Oar Board® comes complete, all ready for setting up on your paddleboard. It straps onto any paddleboard 10′ or longer in under five minutes and quickly disassembles for transport.

You will also require sculling oars. Any standard oar approx. 9’6″ will work. If you require oars our two-part carbon fiber scull oars are perfect for rowing. Taken apart they are half the length of a pair of 9’6″ sculling oars and much easier to transport and handle. They fit into the two-part oar bag which also fits into the Oar Board® Travel Bag. Want to buy the Oar Board® Rower, oars and the Wheelie Oar Board® Travel Bag as a package? Click Here

If you require a paddleboard to go with your Oar Board®, see our Combination Packages which includes everything you need to row or paddle including the Fitness Row and Adventure Row inflatable paddleboards. These three SUP models feature special deck rings making installing or removing the Oar Board® unit even easier.

Unique Sliding Rigger System
The unique sliding rigger system keeps the rower’s weight centered on its fixed seat, so there’s no pitching or hobby horsing, just a smooth, powerful glide and a row stroke that is virtually identical to a traditional sliding seat system.

Adjustable to Fit Everyone
An adjustable footboard allows the Oar Board® to perfectly fit the shortest to the tallest person. This means your stroke can be adjusted exactly for your individual arm length and your corresponding leg length.

Built to Last
The Oar Board® is designed and built to last for years in salt or fresh water! See more details regarding construction in the Description section below.

Teach Yourself to Row
The Oar Board® is ideal for beginners or experienced rowers, club training, family fun, especially fitness and exercise training. New to rowing? Check out Andrea Guyon’s Teach Yourself to Row Video.

Description and Specifications are listed below.